Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Southern Appalachian Hops Guild Growers

Winding River Hops is a 1 acre hops yard located in Clyde, N.C. The yard is operated and owned by Scott Grahl and Stephanie Willis.
Scott has contributed to over three year’s research into hops by planting an acre in 2009. In the many hats he wears, Scott’s duties have included: researcher, planner, organizer, sales, consultant, mentor, student, and physical laborer. Scott is certified as an Advanced Manager of Environmental Safety and Health through N.C State University. Through this program, he has learned many different “Green” methods that he utilizes in a field environment. He has business experience, overseeing several projects from start to completion for his employer, Evergreen Packaging.
Stephanie has also been involved in hop research for the past three years, growing an acre in 2009. Stephanie completed the Rural Entrepreneurship Through Action Learning (REAL) small business course at Haywood Community College. Stephanie’s knowledge has enabled us to complete a very good business plan and to meet all legal requirements for the farm. Until 2009, where a shift to hops production was made, Stephanie farmed her land in livestock, breeding Boer goats and Red Heller dogs. Stephanie currently works in Patient Financial Services at Haywood County Hospital.
In the hops yard, we grow three varieties: Nugget, Sterling, and Glacier. We will be providing fresh picked, whole hops to local micro-breweries to use in seasonal “wet” hop brews. Wet hopping is an increasingly popular way to brew beer, and offers the impeccable beer connoisseur a uniquely tasting bottle of brew. Wet hopping brings out the bouquet and full flavorful essence of the hops found in no other form of brewing.


  1. Reading your blog I would love the chance to come out and view your operation. My family is from Clyde and I have a small farm in Canton, and I have been considering growing hops for sometime now. I am 24 years old but I would really love the opportunity to meet up and come up there one weekend. I am also interested enough to do a "internship" to learn the ins and outs if you would be interested in teaching some of your methods. My email address is

  2. I'm in the same boat. I'm a airline pilot who lives in Clyde. I'm looking to diversify my financial life and possibly a side business in the hop growing industry. Seeing as they grow in WNC, unlike many food stuffs which cannot survive our winters, hops is a good bet.
    The global shortage aside, even selling to local micro-breweries would be a good endeavor and would sit well with all the greens who would applaud the short delivery distances needed to take the hops to Asheville or eslewhere local. Let me know if any of this sounds intriguing.

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